Friday, 12 January 2018

Happy New Year - 2018

Here we are again...a new day...a new year full of challenges. So much to do,
 ...where do we start??
 Today Janet chose to finish off UFO's, so a gentle hand needle felting
 Margaret has stitched into her muslin and teabag piece from December, and it is to become the lining of a book cover
 Dina's love of drawing continues
 Di too worked in her colour book using snippets of magazine arranged before beginning to paint in monochrome using the colours from the magazine pictures
 Annie's "Stars in a vase" is a triumph - using the waxed papers she made in November with Lillian
 Debbie set herself the task to make her Colour book more of a "happy" colour palette as it had become rather "brown"
 The task of Lillian's mammoth quilt continued. I could say she was enjoying it, together with Pat and Elaine who are using the same "difficult" pattern...but it wouldn't be the truth!
 This beautiful hand stitched box belongs to Joy who is in the process of making a surprise to go inside
 The lid of Joy's box
 Annie's amazing hand stitched patchwork
 Even closer-up - see the tiny hand stitches
 Elise's fabric print - "Shape and Structure" - hand embroidery has begun
 Dawn's hand embroidery - pistol stitch to follow
 Here is one of Lillian's blocks for her mammoth quilt
 Following on from the tea-bag dyeing, Pat produced this amazing large piece of fabric which was  dyed and baked in the oven after astonishingly using only 3 teabags
 When hung, this fabric is a piece of art in it's own right - it needs nothing other than an iron, a backing and a hem.
 By far the best serendipity moment I can remember!
 Pat P continued with her tea-bag work with hand embroidery
 Margaret Biggs applying fabrics in strips because of the sheer enjoyment it gives to her
 Joy is hand embroidering the surprise for the inside of her box
 Di worked on many things today including this applique piece
 Poppy seed heads to be pages of Margaret Boswell's book

Thank you ladies for sharing your wide repertoire of work and skills today

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Clare Wassermann said...

Fab post Jude thank you for helping me to catch up!