Friday, 10 March 2017

Soon be spring...March 2017

Here we are... March already. Spring will soon be upon us.
Elise introduced the idea of "Foiling" after previously sending out an information sheet on the subject.
Elise gave out coloured foils to those who wanted to trial the technique.
February's challenge, introduced by Elise, was hand embroidery and these 4 beautiful examples are by Jean
Stitching into the spaces of Sequin waste

Jude then introduced the project for today.  "Making  your own blocks for Printmaking."
We all brought in everything but the kitchen sink
...and then set to work with card, funky foam, string, cork, clingfilm amongst many others.
We all admired Elysia's collagraph prints
Elaine's prints

Pat's prints, developing a theme of birds
Lillian's sunset print over Monet's garden
This afternoon Dawn continued with the hand embroidery project on her beautiful indigo fabrics.

Pat made 2 lovely blocks. One is using string and the other using felt.
       Pat's lovely print on manuscript paper
More prints, printing plate and birds by Joy showing positive and negative to good effect. Great texture Joy.
Janet L working on her hand embroidery. Stunning as always Janet.
Clare happily travelled light today and made light work of this lovely piece with tissue paper and colour.
Sylvia completed her black and white plus one project. Beautifully balanced and hand stitched to include beads and a little metal thread.
So now Sylvia is straight onto another you do.
Margaret 's cushion inspired by Anne's colourful quilts. So much to see including some lovely feather stitch.
Janet C working on her travelling sketch book...U is for un-zip, underwear...

Lots done today.

A very productive day. Well done everyone! 

Friday, 10 February 2017

February ; Colour Books + machine cords

Planning a colour scheme is exciting; when faced with a drawer of coloured fabrics and threads it can be stimulating or daunting. 
 We looked at planning a colour scheme with tones of one colour - monochromatic
For this to work successfully, you need tone and texture
We looked at planning a colour scheme with 2 colours - to vibrate or to compliment one another

We finally looked at colour schemes of 3, 5 or 7 colours - polychromatic
The more colours used the more difficult it can become to get balance
Experiments were made in tone and texture by learning the difference between our variety of paintbrushes

 This afternoon we were led by Margaret Boswell who demonstrated machine embroidered cords
Some of the ways Margaret has used her lovely cords
Weaving with machine cords
Thank you Margaret for inspiring us

Time to share ideas and see one another's work in progress

Elise introduced our "Techniques" event. This is available if you wish, and Elise will provide the instructions each month for those who wish to follow each technique. We have been emailed details of this month's hand embroidery "technique" inspired by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn
Some lovely examples from Lillian, showing what can be done with a single stitch
Two examples of the "Black and White and One Other" project which will go on exhibition at Tettenhall Wood Institute in September this year
Annie's vibrant use of cords is enhance with beads and sequins and is ready for it's box frame
Sylvia is making headway with her beautiful hand embroidery for this project, enhanced by buttons
Margaret and Janet
Annie's colourful and intricate quilts are a festival of colour

Annie's quilts show very detailed hand embroidery
Debbie's festoon in felt edged in black lace
Lillian embellishing brooches
The brooches in wool on felt awaiting their finishing touches and edging
One more elephant from Debbie - fantastic textures Debbie!
...and finally a taster/teaser of what is to come 
Hand printed/painted books. Thank you Elise and Roberta for providing samples of the books - so varied and all different. Thank you Lillian for the examples above on paper backed with vylene ready to make some beautiful books.
First we have to make our own stamps to print with...but that is all to come