Monday, 20 November 2017

Waxed Papers with Lillian - November

Lillian led the day with a technique using wax crayons, acrylic inks and Markal oil sticks
Everyone eagerly set to work

Example of a finished paper backed with vylene making it suitable to receive stitch. This lovely work belongs to Jean.
Lillian's work in progress showing lettering
Waxing lyrical on papers in earnest

Lillian on hand for advice

Who said ironing isn't fun?

Dina - living proof of the hard work that went into today's production!

A further technique of scratching into the painted wax 

Just a blitz of activity and production today ladies

Other work accomplished today 
Janet worked on her spider for the Grand Theatre project - Jack and the Beanstalk display
Coming along nicely Janet
Front and back of Roberta's ABC travelling book - now it is covered and protected
Elise's hand embroidery in progress 

Thank you ladies for your company today. A pleasure as always
You are now saving your teabag papers and dyeing your fabric with tea or coffee and baking in the oven (very carefully), in preparation for our December meeting 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Dry Point Printing - October 2017

Today we were led by Annie who worked so hard throughout the day to inspire and help us produce some wonderful dry point prints

 Here are just some of Annie's wonderful examples - small and so beautiful

 Abstract can work aswell as pictorial
 Happy Christmas - written in reverse to read correctly but still the words were in the wrong order. The moral of the process is to write any letters with great care and a lot of thought

 Annie's patchwork example
 Close-up of the patchwork print

 Fine copper was used instead of card

 So Annie began by demonstrating...
 We sat and have never been so quiet!!

 Jude's design is being transferred onto card which has been previously varnished
Annie's husband has made the tools by filing the long nail to a lovely sharp point. Masking tape helps to grip the tool
                                      So we began
 We worked with great gusto on fine quality paper
 Printing ink is wiped on - wiped off - so it sits in the grooves
 It is then pressed through the rollers on Annie's wonderful press

 Jude's print - on card - printed on paper and finally printed on a spray blown piece of fabric
                       Margaret Boswell
                     Pat P
                         Pat W
                     Janet C
To finish the day we successfully raised £29.00 for the Macmillan charity by having a cake sale.
A very successful day all round.

Our thanks to Annie for a day well spent.