Saturday, 13 October 2018

October 2018

Roberta is embroidering routes on a printed map after her visit to Oxford to see the Tolkien exhibition 
       We forget that Tolkien painted water colours as well as writing
Elise - hand embroidered hearts in progress for part of an exhibition at Wightwick Manor 
Dawn is working on a lovely dyed felt in a selection of hand embroidered stitches including couching
Elaine's Christmas project - embroidered dolls
Pat P continues to design using her collection of French windows and doors 
Clare's hanging for the project at Boundary way. Snippets left by the artists at boundary way including paper and a teabag
Close up of Clare's little landscape in the centre
Janet L - looks like Halloween 
Janet L lending a hand in the decision making for the Colour scheme of Annie's print
Sylvia preparing for Christmas with her hand embroidery 
Dina enjoying her colour book
Ruth working on her LARGE quilt with enthusiasm 
Janet C block printing birds on fabric and card today
Lillian painting in her colour book and... 
Stitching... A lovely book cover 
Lorraine in the early stages of painting her fabric... 
So, our next project to be worked is "on a roll".
We will be painting, dyeing, printing, embellishing and sewing a metre or two of narrow fabric which will roll around a wooden cotton reel. Ruth is modelling one she made earlier for Wightwick Manor exhibition based on 1918
Lorraine's example of using a pearl button and a strap to secure the end of the roll when finished
Jay is working on her roll by using "friendship" and Fred her dog as the source
Lorraine at the end of the day... Looking beautiful Lorraine 
We can now begin our spool project by choosing any topic, in any colour scheme, bearing in mind the fabulous work that has gone on in the last year for design and the use of colour. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

September 2018 - "Design and Stitch"

The start of a new academic year, so we kicked off on the development of our design in the Colour Books 
 Jude discussed and illustrated; spacing*changing direction*layering motifs*changing the size of the motif*monochrome vs polychrome*having a focus window*using stitches in the drawing
 Dawn's whitework tile for the exhibition at Wightwick Manor
Di's blouse with wonderful quotes for Wightwick

 Pat W.  Votes for women tile, also for Wightwick
Elise and Roberta worked on their rusting pieces... 
... using stitch, metal objects...
... and tea. Samples on fabric and on paper below
Today we saw Annie's large patchwork which has grown over the months into... 
... a very large organic piece of work to be proud of

 We were all cheered by Annie's work. It has grown into something very special
We are in the early stages of thinking about our next group presentation
We have had jigsaw puzzle pieces, Hundertwasser houses, Elephants and Art dresses
One nice idea is the bobbin/Cotton reel project like Margaret B. 


Friday, 20 July 2018

'' Write On'' July

 Adding the written word to a page or a fabric can transform a piece of work or add a new direction
Margaret Bos. Lettering projects for her daughters
           Lorraine's wonderful fountain pen to give you pen envy
Dina testing out different equipment
                          Annie's quotes on painted backgrounds
Di hard at work 

Writing equipment is so beautiful (not just for me, right?) 
Di at practice 
Janet L Adding lettering to her Colour Book
Cheryl at work, organised as usual 
Dina Well equipped as always
Lorraine working in a sketch book to illustrate the written word 
                               Dina - the equipment continues

 Dawn has finished her book of hand embroidered stitches
Rings from a Marks and Spencer necklace put to brilliant use
Sue's gift to Janet L 
                                              Sylvia's project
                                                 Joy's project
                          Gillian's page a day indigo backed book
         Elise has worked long and hard to compile a stitch book
These are just a few of the pages
Janet C working on her
square for Wightwick Manor

               Sue's printing stamps - pages from her Colour Book
Lillian's teeny tiny pieced patchwork 
A page from Janet L's Colour Book
Such a variety of work again
Who knew that the alphabet could have such an effect? Individual styles flowed in every colour, in all sizes with tails, serifs and swirls 

August Garden Party is our next meeting August 23rd 🎉🎂🌸
Happy Days