Tuesday, 19 September 2017

September...history in the making

 The FIRST to arrive...
 Had to be photographed for prosperity...We love you girls 😊😊 xx
 Today is the beginning of our new year and so we worked on UFO's and new work
This is Elaine's printed fabric from a print workshop with Alison Holme - destined for hand embroidery
 Preparation by Elise for the upcoming Tea and Coffee day in December. This is a collection of fruit tea bags (raspberry) adhered to a backing
 Roberta and her love of Zentangles
 Dawn completing an unfinished page of her travelling sketchbook
 Annie off on another crazy patchwork adventure while Pat completed her little black elephant
 Detail - elephants on an elephant

 Dina and Di love to work in their colour books and they are looking stunning
So much exploration and personnal development. Well done ladies!
 This lovely machine embroidery is about to be cut up for a good cause
 It is to become Christmas tree decorations - the centres of red felt hearts
 Cheryl's love of birds is developing into a sketch book full of all sorts of birds in mixed media
 Kay's hand embroidery
...hand embroidery continuing onto a quilt
 Lorraine's beautiful storage basket in wood
 ...just yummy!
Lorraine is working on a family history book
 These are some of the stunning pages depicting photographs, certificates and wonderful memories

 Pat W worked on her lovely Indigo panel adding motifs and couching with hand embroidery
 Pat P is edging a hand embroidered kit to give it a new lease of life
 We are glad to welcome Pat W back to us today 
She is looking so well
(and so is Pat's hand made chocolate cake...thank you Pat) 
 The afternoon continued non stop with work...
 and the usual dedication
We have discussed the future and each given ideas for the next twelve months. We are still completing our black and white + another colour projects and need a venue to exhibit them - ideas please!
In the meantime; October - Annie - Dry point printing
                            November - Lillian - wax papers
                            December - Jude - Tea and Coffee work + Christmas party

A lovely day spent together with lots of progress made. Well done girls


Friday, 25 August 2017

August "Garden Party"

Our August garden party had not one but two hosts -
the formiddable team of Margaret and Bob
Margaret opened her beautiful home and festooned it with books and sketch books to read and engross ourselves 

Joy brought a display of jewellery to sell which was very popular - Cheryl and Kay demonstrate
Pat had been very busy drying and bagging delicious lavender which we couldn't wait to receive
Annie shared her hand made book, inspired after Elise and Roberta's day of book making in July
The display of food was divine and plentiful while Bob was tireless in supplying drinks throughout the day
Dawn's cake was "marbellous" and marvellous! We loved the buttons Dawn!!
Margaret's home made strawberry sponge was heavenly and did a very quick disappearing act
The rain stayed away long enough for our party to move outdoors and enjoy the wonderful hard work displayed in Bob and Margaret's oasis of plants and fruit in the garden
Still Life in the Garden

Still Life 2
Still Life 3                                                                  
Still Life 4

  Think Janet is describing what she had seen in the pond

                                                              Janet is proving what she had seen in the pond
Everyone is pointing... before heading back indoors to share books, Lillian's foxglove seedlings and discussions to put the world to rights

Take a good look ladies...this is a taster of what is to come in October with Annie
  "Thank you" doesn't do justice really to Bob and Margaret who worked so hard for our special day. You made 17 ladies extremely welcome, happy and very content. We are so lucky to have one another in this amazing, friendly, talented group