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January 14th

February 11th

March 10th

April 14th

May 12th

June 9th

July 14th


September 8th

October 13th

November 10th

December 8th Christmas Party and workshop



January 8th

1. Work so far accomplished regarding the Hundertwasser project
2. Your own work
3. Ideas for the 'Garment' project. We intend to make the front of a dress, or the entire garment which will be decorated and adorned in the method(s) of our own individual choice. There is a lot to discuss.

February 12th

Please note that the Hundertwasser project is to be finished by the July meeting at Bradmore or at the latest, the garden party in August.
The calico has been purchased for the "Pinafore" project. If you have any pinafore dress patterns to use for this project, please bring them to the February meeting. We are going to spend a year on the dresses and the aim is for them to hang on hangers as dresses or wall hangings, in the Embroiderers' Guild Exhibition in 2016

March 12th  Individual projects and Hundertwasser

April 9th  Individual projects and Hundertwasser

May 14th Individual projects and Hundertwasser

June 11th  Individual projects and Hundertwasser

July 9th

Hundertwasser project to be completed by today's meeting - if you are going to be absent then the garden party is your very last chance to have it finished please

August 13th - No Bradmore meeting*

Summer Garden party will be held at Pat's home. Display of the Hundertwasser work together for the first time. Please bring it along if you haven't already given yours to Jude.

September 10th

Printing Play Day: all forms of printing you wish to participate in. Jelly plate, lino, block, roller, thermofax, screen stencil printing, found objects.
Bring along all of your printing materials, fabric paint and/or acrylic paints. Also bring your fabric and paper stash you have with prints and clean fabrics and papers for new prints.
Anyone who has begun their pinafore dresses, or wishes to begin their dresses, bring them along today please.

October 8th

Crazy Patchwork Day with Ice

Requirements lists have been circulated in advance - notify Jude or Ice if you have not been able to access yours please.

November 12th

December 3rd

Christmas Party and workshop

Remember - Any candle wax/remnants of used candles for Sue and Heather's candle making, to raise funds.


February 13th
1. Please bring up to 6 fabrics - UFOs - about 12'' x 6''. They can be dyed, painted, printed, and can be cotton/poly-cotton but not wool. You may have an embellished felt/wool piece which can be stitched into and then appliqued onto a background of cotton/poly-cotton. We will place them all in a bag and choose 3 each unseen.
2. The finished piece will be A5 and you will have 1, 2 or 3 for stitch.
3. Each person will have one stitch which will be worked in as many ways as possible.
Nominated stitches :-
Chain              Elaine            
Running         Heather & Pat W
Cross              Janet L & Joy
Coral              Alma           
Feather           Sue & Margaret MQ      
Bullion            Di & Jean                
Stem                Sylvia                             
Fly                   Dina & Janet C
Herringbone   Pat P, Ruth    
French Knot   Jude & Lillian
Sorbello          Denise, Dot
Blanket           Margaret B & Ice

To choose ~ Clare

We aim to have no more than 2 people doing the same stitch.
4. Bring with you threads of different weights and needles, scissors if you wish to start your piece today
5. Bring gelli plates and fabric printing inks to embellish our pieces. Also stencils and blocks

  1. Your Colouricious Fabric paper books - finished and unfinished (preferably one finished book please) for photographing
  2. Your drawings and ideas on paper/fabric using your Indian photocopied motif(s), and Art equipment if you wish to work on them today


March 13th 2014

Embroidering your 'Multi colour swap-shop' piece for the Cone Exhibition.
Use threads of different weights/shades/colours/textures in ONE given stitch. Remember to incorporate a piece(s) of the textured/coloured fabric donated by Ice.

April 10th 2014

As for March

May 8th 2014
Embroidering your 'Multi colour swap-shop' piece for the Cone Exhibition.
Use threads of different weights/shades/colours/textures in ONE given stitch. Remember to incorporate a piece(s) of the textured/coloured fabric donated by Ice.
I have cut 10 pieces of A5 card ready for you to mount your work. Your piece can be over a shallow piece of quilting felt if you desire.

Any work of your own choice - please remember your lunch and a cup.

June 12th
July 10th
September 11th
October 9th
November 13th
December 4th  (The first Thursday not the second)


HISTORY/Record of Events


January 10th 2013

Happy New Year ladies
Our meeting today will be to continue to develop our India work or work of your choice
Please bring with you the work you did in December with Jamie Malden and any work you may have done since our last meeting, especially if it is for our 'monthly' project.

February 14th 2013 - ''Draw, Develop and Design''

1. Bring along your sketch book(s) to share with everyone in order that we get a wide inspirational choice for our 'beginners and developers class.'
2. Your own work to include anything you completed from 'Colouricious' day in December
3. Join in with the Drawing class if you wish or develop your own project work

Draw, develop and design

*If you want to explore with drawing equipment to produce a selection of unique designs then bring along the following:
*Paper - sheets/coloured/white/any weight, any size
*Sketchbooks if you have one
*Any drawing equipment from the following:
  pencils, crayons, water colour crayons,
  paints, palette and brushes with a water pot
  charcoal, chalk or oil pastels
*Visual inspiration - could be a magazine picture, a photograph you have taken, an Art history book
*Piece of cardboard from cereal box to make a view finder would be useful
*Random oddments of tissue papers and a glue stick
Most importantly bring along a sense of adventure so that you can experiment and PLAY

March 14th

Development of designs

Requirements if you wish to continue with the development of your own personal design technique:

*Your Jigsaw piece with stage one of your design process - also all of the drawings you did in February
*Small piece of tracing paper
*Crayons - metallic/water soluble/wax/any
* Pencil
*Watercolours or inks or soluble crayons (whatever you use)
*Fabric crayons if you have any (not vital if you do not)
*Paper - sketch book/loose sheets
*Fabric for transfer of your design to material - cotton/calico/neutral colour or pre-dyed
*Small collection of threads in different weights in a colour palette of your choice
*Needle and scissors

If you were absent in February and wish to start the design for a jigsaw piece contribution, then please refer to the February requirements list above. The more jigsaw pieces the better and the more design produced the better!


April 11th

Continuation of Jigsaw project for those who wish to using the colourscheme of your choice. Please bring all work related - finished/unfinished. A reminder of equipment is in the March calendar, above.

May 9th: After all of the wonderful inspiration seen in April's meeting, I trust you will have plenty to do today in my absence. 

  1. Jigsaw into stitch - I have some pelmet vylene for June's meeting so they can all be backed. Some of you have already put a backing onto your jigsaw piece
  2. Journal work
  3. Work of your own choice
Any queries please email me before May 3rd

June 13th

Jigsaw pieces - I would like to get an overview of the pieces when laid out together and consider ways of grouping/mounting them as a group piece. I have a block print of a jigsaw which could be utilised.
Bring with you work of your own choice to work on, including what you did in May for photographing please.
Any updates for the journal work would be welcomed for viewing and anything you wish to share from the last 2 months that we haven't seen

July 11th

  1. We need to collate our Jigsaw pieces - please bring in all jigsaws - finished or unfinished so we can assemble and pool our ideas for display at Bilston Gallery in October
  2. Hand in paper designs to accompany the fabric Jigsaws
  3. Journal work
  4. Discuss dates for August meeting which is a Garden party but not at Bradmore
  5. NEW PROJECT DESIGN - distribute and discuss
  6. Your own work

August - Garden Party***

@@ No meeting at Bradmore but afternoon tea & conversation @@


September 12th

Assembly of the Jigsaw group project
Please bring your own work for completion 

October 3rd; This is a change of date due to the Embroiderers' Guild exhibition having to be hung at Bilston Gallery

November 14th

Jamie Malden from Colouricious; ''Fabric Paper Books'' £20 each

Block printing and embroidery
By invitation email only

Jamie Malden will also have a car boot for printing inks/blocks/geli plates etc. You have been pre-warned

December 12th

Christmas party and workshop




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