Thursday, 13 July 2017

July "Handmade books"

Our July treat was to make handmade books under the tuition of Elise and Roberta
Book one:- made from a piece of A4 paper
This lovely little example belongs to Elise. The front and back are decorated and enhanced with a button by using strong glue. A lining paper holds the tiny narrow ribbon which was recycled from a dress
 Elise shows the folding process and the one essential cut in the centre for the "Meandering book"
 Now on to Concertina books. Jude's example of the "Meandering book" using A4 blue writing paper and the page of a dictionary for the concertina book
Roberta's lovely example of the Lotus Fold
 Stage one showing the folds
 Handmade paper can be used
 Some wonderful examples by Roberta. Books in little boxes of various shapes and sizes

 A book in a slip folder
We continued with making little sketch books and a book with pockets - who doesn't love a book with storage pockets?
Fabric books:- a concertina book made from cotton fabric painted with a PVA and water mixture 
 Fabric books - not rag books - can be made by using CMC paste and tissue paper, or acrylic gel medium with dressmaker's pattern paper
2 little lotus books on top of another - "Chinese Thread Books" are a development of this idea, used for keeping needles and pins safely tucked away 
Roberta's example of using scrim and dressmaker's pattern paper
Elise's example of a concertina book that has been decorated
Now on to hand stitched spine books with up to 6 folded double pages
The Jig enables you to gauge the position for the holes to be inserted using a sharp bradawl/stiletto
Jude's example using strong, stiff watercolour paper
Inside the book, the straight stitches can be seen
Margaret busy having caught the bookmaking bug!
Elise also brought along her examples of the last challenge "chenille work"
Above "chenille"  fabric and below "chenille"  using paper backing
Our thanks to Elise and Roberta for giving us such an enjoyable experience today. We have all made little books over the years but it is so refreshing to revisit and learn new skills. A lovely day with lovely enthusiastic friends where we celebrated Alma and Di's birthdays and we welcomed back Debbie. 

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