Saturday, 20 May 2017

Merry month of May

Colour Books 
Jude introduced the Colour Book work for today. It required 3" of tracing paper, an image (fruit, vegetable or floral) and materials to add colour, for example,  watercolours or Inktense.
The design began.
1. The actual colours
2. Complimentary colours
3. Colours you like to work in
4. Multiple colours
Annie's poppy heads building up pattern

Different media was employed as we each worked with our own preference

Lillian's poppy
Design developed in complimentary colours. Notice the negative shapes in between which are as important as the positive shapes.

Apples treated diffently including a multicoloured background
Joy began adding texture to the floral design
Texture, detail and colour was added as each piece developed

Annie's repeat pattern changes and in a limited colour palette, a different affect is achieved
Results were really pleasing and inspired a great debate at the end of the day.

Other work accomplished today

Sometimes it is a great help at Connect in Threads, to bring a piece of work to talk about. Members will always give you ideas of what to do with a piece for development or completion.
Janet C continuing with the peg loom

Margaret Boswell's black/white/one colour piece

Annie's... Ideas please??

Extending a photo by matching shape, colour and pattern
Alma's black/white /one colour piece.

Cheryl 's prepared fabric for embroidery     
Little pages of hand embroidery.
Elaine's work enjoying hand embroidery
Dawn's hand embroidery on indigo dyed fabric continues.
This great day ended in a wonderful debate where a group of us put the world to right.
Thank you ladies

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