Thursday, 12 January 2017

Happy new year everyone * January 2017

 A new year and decisions to be discussed and made for the year
 It had been decided by Jude  that today was a thinking day to plan and work on whatever we chose to do
 New work was shared
 Ideas were shared
 New books were read and shared
 Fabrics were distributed due to the new year clear out we promised ourselves
 Colour books were evident
... and a new elephant made an appearance from Margaret B.
 Close up showing beads and French knots on a printed background
 Ruth is soon to depart for India and had a pile of dyed fabrics, tacked ready to embroider on holiday
 Close up of Margaret B's colour book
 Margaret Biggs has begun to plan her black and white project. This sample has been worked on the embellisher
Margaret experimented today with open work fabrics and woolen fibres
 Margaret Biggs' box of possibilities for the black and white work
 Pat W is working on her Wightwick Manor piece. Romeo and machine embroidery which will become a 3d bowl
 Denise is Road testing a design by Alison Parkes. Hand embroidery
 Elise also worked on hand embroidery
 Another piece for Wightwick Manor - cut work
 Cheryl and Kay were hand embroidering birds for the Wightwick Manor project
 Janet L makes stunning quilts and this lovely piece is a label for her latest quilt
 Lillian made 3d Christmas baubles as part of a commission, using fabrics supplied by the client

We devoted a lot of important time to planning a great deal of 2017. I am excited about the ideas we have and I will be 
emailing you with our suggestions for your input.
My thanks to Margaret Boswell, Roberta, Elise and Annie for offering their support to deliver our programme of events.
Such fun!!