Monday, 16 May 2016

The Merry Month of May Meeting

It really is a beautiful "Merry month of May" and our work continues to expand and inspire us all
We have had very positive feedback from our shared exhibition with the Wolverhampton branch of the Embroiderers' Guild. Congratulations to everyone 

We welcomed Dawn to our group today - our membership is officially now closed. If we grow any more we are in danger of  losing our sharing capacity
Our work today can be divided into 3 sections
Firstly, Colour Books
 Stunning work Annie - Annie will hopefully 'share and tell' her technique for this lovely body of work, next month. Ideal for our framed Black, White and one other colour piece
 I love this idea of using a page to frame the texture rubbings on the page below
 Margaret B's wonderful use of colour inspired at the Cone 

 Texture was the key for today and we used textured plates and mixed media including fabric crayons and wax crayons, on tissue papers and tissue laid over wood-chip wallpaper
 Great textures and subtle use of colour
 Lovely detail - where texture meets stitch!

 Sylvia worked extremely hard today

 Her use of tissue paper to create texture is exemplary
 Annie's triumph in black and white where a little colour has seeped in from the page beneath to give a wonderful happy accident
 Clare caught the 'bug' with tissue paper and wood-chip
 Lovely colour mixing Elise
Alma's colour book is inspired by her travels - Alma is well travelled!
Secondly, our Elephant Frieze
 Joy's applique in blue on a lovely dyed background
 Sylvia has begun to hand embroider her lovely printed elephant
We decided that the elephant is too beautiful not to be seen from the front so we were unanimous in our decision to have elephants facing the viewer as well as facing East or West - ANYWAY is ok!
Finally, Individual project work
Applique hand embroidered birds by Debbie
Jude is using Acanthus leaves as part of a painting on 3 canvasses

Roberta is stitching the hands of her family as a memory piece

 You can see how hard we all worked today.
Barely time for chat and cake :) 

Well done ladies...a pleasure as always