Saturday, 12 March 2016

MARCH Meeting

We began our March meeting with a discussion about our work which was hung this week at the Cone on the Stourbridge Road. Our dresses and the Hundertwasser Street hang proud and look amazing. Photographs will follow soon. Congratulations ladies!

 Back to work...Elaine is using her stash to make beautiful bespoke needle cases using tent stitch on a painted canvas she prepared today
 Ruth is piecing indigo for her project - a difficult combination of velvet and cotton
Lovely design Pat P
 Joy's new project using some of her stash
 The cotton reels have been scanned and printed on Joy's printer ready to stitch
 Roberta is de-constructing an Indian hanging to 're-build it'
 Pat D's hand embroidery

 This quilt is the work of our new member Annie who we welcomed to CIT today
Her use of colour is bold and playful - Annie will have no problem fitting in
 Janet L is making a beautiful quilt

Debbie is hand embroidering an old cushion with Stef Francis and Perle threads
 Lillian is also making gifts of pins and needles cases in a neutral palette

 Beautiful Lillian
We worked hard on our COLOUR BOOKS today with lovely 'free' painting
We looked at brush techniques - layering washes - wet on dry - wet on wet - stippling - masking - and using a fan brush

Lorraine's Colour Book                             Using water colours
                        Kay's colour book pages
We have also decided on our next group are our group decisions:-

1. We are making a frieze of Elephants - 3 different sizes. If you have any templates we can use please bring them to the April meeting. The elephants will be completed by the Summer August garden party.

2. Our 'fair weather project' will be drawing and photographing in the grounds of Bantock with the aim of exhibiting in their exhibition space.

3. We are each to design an individual piece of our own choice using a limited palette. Namely, black, white, grey and one colour of our own choice. You can start designing now and the measurements for the finished piece will be announced soon. We aim to frame each piece uniformly with Ribba frames.

Exciting times