Saturday, 13 February 2016

February Meeting

Our room today was decked with our personal hand made pinafore dresses
Each one began life as a piece of cream calico
 Here is Clare's with a close-up. "Fragments of what makes her on the outside - covering what is on the inside"
Here is Pat's. "Down in the water, ducks are a dabbling"

 2  three-dimensional birds are on the shoulder; close-up below
 Lorraine's dress complete with antique lace scarf
 "Treasured memories"
 Close-up of Lorraine's dress
 Alma chose to dip dye both the front and the back of her pinafore
 "I love purple and magnolias and had this material" for applique
 "It's green...I never work in green"
 Janet L "tried to use all of the techniques I've been learning"
 Pocket detail of Janet's pinafore
 Pat P is still working on her pinafore "Poppies, not in remembrance, just the beauty of the flower"
 Elise "Inspired by Autumn, woodlands, berries and seeds"
 Close-up of Elises's pinafore
 Pocket close-up of Denise's pocket
 Denise's vision in blue with wonderful hand boro stitching.
 We worked on our Colour books and a variety of other things concentrating on the forthcoming exhibition at the Cone in March
 This large piece is Janet C's wonderful Hundertwasser
Janet has worked in black and white for many years and this has really been out of her comfort zone

 Elaine's boro work using up little pieces of blue and white and covered with hand embroidery
 Joy's Leaves
 Colour Books - this one is Di's take on the Black Country
Sylvia's Colour book - wonderful textured and detailed Kingfisher
 Practice sheets experimenting with colour
 Using two colours and tones of those colours, juxtaposed with a colour that you would never normally put with your two colours. Well done Lorraine - lots of colour palettes for future projects here

 Ruth "Above and Below" (the title of our exhibition in March)
 Elise "Above and Below
Well done ladies; it has been a wonderful atmosphere today with dresses hanging from the window frames, table-tops full of Art books and textiles, and a floor with end to end Hundertwasser fabrics