Thursday, 14 January 2016

Happy New Year * January 2016

Here we are ... a new year ... and new projects to begin
 Jude introduced the theme to work in our new sketch books "Colour Books"
Page 1 of Jude's book to illustrate using Inktense wet and dry to match colours
Page 2 of Jude's book - unfinished tree using the colourscheme from the magazine picture on the left
We worked on our Colour books for an hour and these are the gorgeous results.... So proud!!


Janet L 
Joy's experiment with Inktense and Water Soluble Crayons
 Lorraine's fruity page

Pat W - Right side page is a weaving of 2 pictures together

Other work continued in the afternoon as our exhibition looms -
The Pinafore dresses are very exciting

Pockets for Denise's pinafore dress
Debbie's Pinafore dress
Close-up of Debbie's applique
Dina's Hundertwasser
Clare working on her Capability Brown piece for the Embroiderers' Guild Project

Denise - Kantha work

Joy's needle-felting for a mobile case 
Such diverse work is always a pleasure to see
Colour books will be continued at home and step 2 will be in February along with the Pinafore project
Well done ladies