Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas Meeting

The Christmas season has begun

 Our monthly sales table was full of yummy goodies. It is such a privilege to be able to buy from a talented friend. We all have different skills and ideas and where better to share them?
Thank you girls for bringing the work in and making the effort
 The table began to fill for our scrumptious buffet - nothing like a bit of fizz
 Christmas baubles - makes Elise happy
 Hand embroidery for Pat...
and Sylvia. I detect Christmas is certainly in the air

 Clare's painted landscape gave us all something to think about
Not a lot of stitch work but that really isn't the issue. Art? Textiles? Textiles is an Art!
We love it Clare
 Joy's stump work of Wild Women ... such fun!
Talking of Wild Women!! (Was it Bob's Birds or Bob's Girls??) Either way it's a stunning photo ladies
 Ladies at work

 Roberta's delicate, pretty crazy patchwork using crisp cotton handkerchiefs
 Margaret's flowers on denim. The use of red is stunning

Today we discussed the 2016 theme of keeping a Colour Book


Details will follow in the new year but in the mean time begin collecting anything that can be put into your sketch book relating to ANY colour of your choice


You may follow a theme of the 4 seasons or take one Primary colour - red, yellow or blue - and collect magazine pictures, snippets of thread or swatches of fabric to illustrate your chosen colour


In January we will begin the books and spend the opening part of our Thursday mornings, working/modifying/illustrating/sharing our colour books


It is hoped that our sense and knowledge of colour will improve and widen over the coming year


If you were absent today you can have your sketch books in January at our next meeting


Thank you ladies for a wonderful year of friendship and expertise

Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year