Monday, 16 November 2015

November 12th 2015

Once again we fill the room and today is a very special day
Joy had a special birthday today and she shared it with us
Apologies for the poor photograph ( a photo of a photo - long story)
Joy provided treats
Such fun! Thank you Joy

Joy's wonderful heart brooches
 Discussions began
 Sharing experiences and ideas

 Ice and Alma in discussion while they work
 Lillian worked on making leaves to apply to her dress for the exhibition next year

 Cheryl is needle felting over a polystyrene ball for a Christmas decoration
Pat has been working hard on her pinafore dress for the exhibition next year
The trees and birds have been printed by using thermofax screens
The birds are beautiful - well done Pat

 Ruth worked on her pods from a recent Alysyn Midgelow-Marsden workshop
She had plenty of braids to choose from to edge the pods
Di continued her crazy patchwork from last month


Sylvia's coloured calico of a bird with hand embroidery, will eventually become a 3D bird
 Debbie continued her sculpted tree
Joy's Chinese inspired purse with buttons
Jude has block printed her fabric and incorporated
it into a purse frame
Reverse side
Our next meeting will be our Christmas party