Saturday, 12 September 2015

September 10th 2015

We are opening this September meeting with a large body of work by Lorraine
 She has been VERY busy

 This newsprint background fabric is stunning and looks brilliant with the bird embroidery

 This is how Lorraine intends to work her pinafore dress - beautiful
This is hand embroidery! Very impressive! 
 This lovely serendipity fabric produced by mopping up the dye

 Well done Lorraine - we were all impressed on how you had spent your Summer - sewing when travelling. Thankfully you were the passenger and not the driver!
We were a very large and busy group today - just as I like it!
A lot of us set to monoprinting
 Ruth's delicate prints on paper
 Finally my thanks to Pat for bringing her Hundertwasser piece to add to the collection. We all loved the twinkling metallic fabric. Well done Pat
Great day today girls, very productive
October is to be led by Ice who will be rediscovering the many faces of Crazy Patchwork