Thursday, 13 August 2015

August Garden Party 2015

It looked like rain and so we had our garden party indoors today...just in case
Once again, Pat had put on a veritable feast including a chilli and an overwhelming choice of goodies
Our hostess well deserved her gift of flowers for the patio
Thank you Pat xx
Books, magazines, samples, photographs; all were shared with lots and lots of discussion


 Elise (our newest member), sharing her hand embroidery

 Major discussion ensued regarding the Hundertwasser work
Lorraine looking radiant
I can honestly say I couldn't wait to write the blog today as I am so proud and happy now I have seen the Hundertwasser work laid out together for the first time. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I cannot praise everyone enough for your efforts, hard work, time, effort and wonderful inventiveness. You NEVER let me down and you never stop surprising me. You are all so talented

I hope you agree the work is wonderful. It is in no particular order whatsoever - they have been placed out in the order they came out of their packaging. Think how good they will look when the remaining 3 pieces are added! Then we can decide about mounting (or not) adding foliage and or trees.
Well done my girls and thank you for a wonderful, refreshing afternoon.