Thursday, 9 July 2015

July meeting

Another beautiful sunny Thursday and the room was full. Enthusiastic ladies with their work and conversation set to work
 Elaine's finished Hundertwasser
 Sylvia's finished Hundertwasser
 Joy's finished Hundertwasser
 Lillian has finished her house and has made some trees which are placed temporarily - at the garden party in August, we will decide in a group, how to display and arrange the buildings. We will need little trees like Lillian's to fill some spaces
 Pat's finished Hundertwasser
Janet L's finished Hundertwasser
 Pat was away today but here is her Hundertwasser
 Alma's Hundertwasser boat is now accompanied by Kay's Hundertwasser caravan
 This lovely large caravan is worked in sumptuous felt work and patchwork
 Joy is working on a new piece of textural embroidery now that she has completed her felt book which is just amazing
Joy's felt book
A page of Joy's book
  Lillian worked really hard today to almost complete her beautiful felt book 

Pages of Lillian's book

Some of us could not resist going to the wool shop as they had a sale
Di however, thought she could hide her purchase - needless to say it didn't work!!
Di is working on a detailed piece showing how cross stitch work can be modern and creative
 Pat is making some pieces for National Stitch day based on the Mad Hatter's tea party
One of the sale pieces from the wool shop was a little rabbit which was very appropriate
Unfortunately he isn't white....but then....
Janet C bought the very thing - oh it IS Janet!!
 Elaine worked on a beautiful quilt
Heather has begun a quilt too
Our new project, is the Pinafore dress hanging.
Roberta's dress will consist of many pockets and today she began another pocket
Pat's Pinafore dress fabric...

Pat has dyed her fabric for the Pinafore dress project and then used a Thermofax screen to print the trees
Still on the theme of trees are these 2 monoprints from a Laura Kemshall workshop on mono printing
Janet L and Sue

Cheryl began a second Hundertwasser piece after misplacing her first one
Free machine embroidery holds down the applique pieces

 Cheryl's piece may make two or three Hundertwasser houses
Our next meeting will be our August Summer Party ~ see you there ~ 13th August
I will email you all with a reminder