Thursday, 11 June 2015

June Meeting

Despite the beautiful weather we had a very respectable size group today.
The work flowed and was varied as always but I was very pleased to see the progress  that has been made in the Hundertwasser project
 Well done Alma on producing Hundertwasser's boat (picture on the right)
This will work brilliantly with Kay's Caravan amidst all the houses and trees
Sylvia is near to finishing and after a reluctant start has really enjoyed doing the work
 Look at the wonderful detail in the shrubs/trees
Pat has completed her Hundertwasser house
If you look closely there is the 'compulsory' fabric used from a previous project
Elaine putting the finishing touches to her house
Detail of Elaine's
House complete
Janet L is nearing the end of her Hundertwasser house
Other project work continued in abundance including the ABC Travelling sketchbooks
Janet C: "E for Entomology" work in progress
Jude: "E for Embellisher"
This knitting by Joy is also for the ABC travel sketchbooks: "F for Fan" stitch (Fan and Feather Joy?)
Debbie's "All that Glisters"

 The embroidered bunting is a joy
 Debbie also worked on her Indigo hanging
Alma has a homemade way of making braids - it makes a lovely fine braid and is so simple to use 

The lovely braid made by Alma

Aerial view of the braid maker
 Pat worked on a cushion front using lovely fabrics and ribbon/braid
 Cheryl worked on the sewing machine making her embellished bags from recycled jeans
Close up depicting the Thermofax screen prints
 Pat W worked from a lovely pattern for a pincushion "The Birdhouse".
The tiny patchwork pieces, in tones of blue are beautiful 
 If I had any bunting with me today - I would have hung it!!
Joy has worked so hard and tirelessly on this wonderful fabric book
Hand made beads hold the leaf page
Beneath the leaves is another page with a pocket
Close up of the cat with French knots
 This is the last page of the book with a Bluebird
The bluebird page is incomplete and everyone descended to offer their suggestions for its completion
Connect in Threads at their best - working together to help one another

This is the book cover - front and back
Well done Joy - the end is in sight
As a footnote, please remember that the August meeting is our Garden Party
It will be the second Thursday as usual - venue to be announced
Hope you can make it