Thursday, 14 May 2015

May meeting 2015

Here we are, the month of May. What shall we do today?
 For Clare it was determination to work on the Hundertwasser project - nearly there now
Machine embroidery today - just the mounting to do now

 Debbie's Hundertwasser - complete
 Always time to discuss the work and life
 Debbie has also completed a cushion cover by embroidering the raised pattern on the material. Great idea
 Our ABC travel sketch books...D for Dove
 Lorraine's Hundertwasser is well worth showing off. This is a three dimensional piece in so many different techniques. Amazing work Lorraine
Close up
Close up
3 Hundertwasser pieces - Debbie, Clare and a little of Lorraine's piece

Samples of Crazy Patchwork completed by Ice - Ice will be leading a workshop for us in October and today she introduced the subject to whet our appetite.

We will be completing three samples of crazy patchwork in the morning like these 3 monochromatic pieces. There is the choice to use hand and machine work - if you do not wish to carry a machine in, then all can be worked by hand.
A requirements list will go out soon to everyone interested in the crazy patchwork workshop.
 Ideas began to flow for the crazy patchwork - maybe a bag or a cushion cover in the afternoon?
Sharing thoughts on the IPad
Lorraine has begun samples/swatches using lace and hand techniques, to embellish her pinafore dress project. The ideas have come from a box of memories - certificates and papers a hundred years old
This wonderful idea is Kay's Hundertwasser caravan

 Close up of Kay's work

 Lots of activity in the room today

 Cheryl has died the fibres to make her Hundertwasser

 A few decided to work on their Indigo wall hangings this afternoon
Elaine working on her Indigo hanging

Thank you ladies for a great productive day again - the Hundertwasser is nearing completion for all of us. The pinafore dresses are slowly being designed and planned. We have a year but we will need a year for this adventurous project.