Thursday, 8 January 2015

January Meeting 2015

Our first meeting of the new year began with everyone sharing their work from December.
I was amazed at how productive everyone had been over the busy season.
Cheryl's wonderful patchwork quilt
 Denise continued to work on the Klimt tapestry which is stunning
The Hundertwasser project continues to flourish as can be seen from Margaret's colourful piece
 Close-up of Margaret's Hundertwasser
 Elaine's Hundertwasser
Jude's Hundertwasser
 A few of the members worked on their Maryke Phillips workshop - a layer of muslin over calico with a wadding background. Ruth's hand embroidery will make a wonderful book
 Diane's Hundertwasser depicts the wonderful organic shape associated with Hundertwasser
 Sylvia's Twelve days of Christmas quilt - early preparation for next Christmas
 Pat's book-cover depicts the use of Angelina fibres that has been block printed
 Pat D is working on little bags for her grand-daughter
 Ice has worked on an oil pastel paper design for the Hundertwasser project 
 Joy's work for the Maryke Phillips project. There are velvet pockets which have been relief printed using blocks. There is a close-up of such a print on velvet
 Pat W worked on her lovely robins
 Ice is also working on a City and Guild's course - this part of hand embroidery work is inspired by the Bayeux tapestry
It was lovely to see Jean today - the work is hand weaving on canvas to make a purse/book cover. It is a lovely relaxing technique and will be beautiful.
Please note that the Hundertwasser project is to be finished by the July meeting at Bradmore or at the latest, the garden party in August.
The calico has been purchased for the "Pinafore" project. If you have any pinafore dress patterns to use for this project, please bring them to the February meeting. We are going to spend a year on the dresses and the aim is for them to hang on hangers as dresses or wall hangings, in the Embroiderers' Guild Exhibition in 2016.

Friday, 2 January 2015

December Meeting

Today we met on the first Thursday of the month in order that more of us could attend at this busy time of year. Thankfully, most of us managed to take time out of our busy schedules.
 Lillian couldn't wait to tuck into the party food
 We worked all day and with the usual wonderful results

 Janet's presentation to Claire - an autographed trowel?? You had to be there!!
 Claire was happy and almost speechless!

Our meeting in the new year will be on the second Thursday - January 8th.
Seasons greetings everyone and a Happy New Year

November's meeting

My thanks to Ice who took photographs for me during today's meeting 


Thank you ladies