Friday, 10 October 2014

October Meeting 2014

 It was so good to be back after missing a meeting in September
 The sharing of ideas and techniques flowed as usual
We welcomed a prospective member
Work began on our Hundertwasser project. Sylvia is beginning on green aida fabric
 Jude's Hundertwasser work is combining elements of an orthodox Church photographed on a holiday in Crete, with the colours and patterns of Hundertwasser
The background fabric has been marbled and the 'onion' roof is being couched
Janet is experimenting with needle-felting for her Hundertwasser work. Fabulous textures Janet
Clare sketching and painting designs in preparation for the Hundertwasser project
Ruth's designs for Hundertwasser work
Dina's ideas are always exciting and experimental. Dina is working with wire and experimenting how to attach fabrics and ribbons to the wire for windows - Hundertwasser style!
Di inspects her designs for Hundertwasser which is upon her machine embroidery using vermicelli free embroidery and layered with organza 
Other projects continued around the room...
 Debbie is working on a hand embroidery which was a bedspread in a former life

Lillian worked very hard to build her blocks for a quilt
Pat is making a beautiful alphabet book
Alma's heart cushions beside a wonderful knitted bag
Joy's bag...outside...
 ...and inside. Joy continued today with her kantha work from Saturday's workshop
Pat's quilt based on fabric from the 'Kemshalls'
As well as working very hard today, we also made plans for the future.
Jude will purchase the background fabric - unbleached calico probably. The idea will be to make a smock type dress. It can be the whole garment or just the front with shoulders to attach it to a coat hanger.
The dresses will be executed in a multitude of techniques and will all be different.
We need to individually think about our techniques to suit our garment. Anything goes from jar dyeing to screen printing; from kantha work to needle-felting. Start planning girls.