Thursday, 10 April 2014

April Meeting

Here we are at our April meeting. Welcome back to Pat...we have missed you
 Here we see our WIPs - we have begun our Multi-coloured Swop Shop pieces
 Di is stitching on Jude's printed fabric. It is a representational piece depicting a landscape gardener's drawing design
 Janet is working on Di's hand dyed background
Joy has covered the entire background of Lillian's bikini with the fabric from Ice. She has begun to weave through the open weave and the cross stitch has been worked beautifully
This is Pat's piece in running straight stitch. The background is marbled and a garden with fence and sunset, is emerging
 Sylvia's embroidery is a wonderful applique piece with glitz. So much texture!
Elaine is using chain stitch to perfection. I love the idea of reversing the Ice fabric for subtlety

This is already stunning Sue. It will be amazing when it's finished

How beautiful is Heather's printed fabric using running stitch? Well done Heather!
 Pat Paterson's applique is on a ready patterned fabric. The boldness of the shapes and the colours make this a great piece
Jude is very happy...her work is finished
 A close-up shows the use of Ice's fabric cut and appliqued with French knots. The originator of the fabric background is Dina who had begun to needle-weave a small section (top left). Some hand made paper has been woven into the needle-weaving and appliqued top right.  
We all worked very hard much to do in preparation for the exhibition in September
 Di worked hard as always...loving the knitted mug cover Di
Welcome to our newest member of Connect in Threads, Debbie, who is working on a lovely hand embroidery of her own design; a lovely effect
 Lillian is working on her workshop piece using Lutrador and cable stitch on the machine. We hope to see this one in our "Looking Through" exhibition 
 Everyone worked hard today...head's down!
 Thanks to everyone who contributed to "Heather's craft table" by purchasing wool or bringing in candles/handmade goods for Heather. Keep it coming ladies