Thursday, 20 March 2014

March Meeting

The work has begun on our Multi-coloured Swop-shop embroideries
Janet's in charge ... can you tell?

 Glad to see everyone is working hard in my absence
Lillian and Sylvia contemplating...looking very serious...
I spy lovely 3D felted bowls
 Hand embroidery for the Multi-colour Swop-shop work
 Stunning use of herringbone
Just lovely to see the adaptation of the fabrics for this project in hand embroidery
Here is a good example of the 'compulsory fabric' in use. This was provided by Ice and can be appliqued large or small, once or twice or as many times as is suitable for the design. The cut out work allows threads or fabrics to be woven through it
 It is so strange to see my block printed fabric being worked by someone- else...I love it!!
 So much to see - texture, tone and pattern everywhere
 Another use of the 'Ice' fabric
 ...and another
I have no doubt that this project is going to be totally unique and by far the best thing we have done as Connect in Threads. Keep up the good work ladies.
I will add my own work below soon to show you I did my piece on holiday.