Saturday, 15 February 2014

February ''Multicolour Swop Shop''

Today we began our new venture in preparation for our exhibition later this year with Wolverhampton branch of the Embroiderers' Guild
The lucky dip process of choosing our background fabric began...
...'''such fun...!!''
 Our mission is to have a piece of fabric donated from one of our fellow members, and hand embroider it with variations of just one stitch. Ice donated this amazing fabric which we also have to incorporate into the piece. It can be cut up and appliqued, painted, printed over, woven with running/chain stitch or stitched into, but it must be apparent in the final piece
So we set off by printing onto our fabrics after a wonderful demonstration by Dina who whet our appetites - we couldn't wait to tuck in
Lillian printed her fabrics ... amongst other things! Look at the hand!
An example of a printing work base, with lots of hand made blocks
Elaine's beautiful colour scheme
Margaret has begun to compile her A5 piece for the exhibition using the compulsory 'Ice' fabric which has been divided into sections. Looking great already at this early stage Margaret
Margaret's second piece of fabric which had been donated by Dina. Everyone loved this fabric which Dina had printed over a shop printed fabric - such wonderful textures and patterns in such rich colours
Heather's printed fabric of the chickens - ready for her running stitch
...and here comes the running stitch
Margaret experiments on the gelli plate
Examples of stencil prints made on the gelli plate
Positive and negative prints from the same stencil
 Jude's positive and negative prints of a Paisley stencil, with some overprinting
More prints from Jude - stencil printing on the gelli plate over Janet Connock's block prints
Sylvia has used her 3 donated fabrics and the 'Ice' pieces with great effect. Can't wait to see the embellishment Sylvia
 Dinah working on one of her pieces and is thinking of a three dimensional effect
Janet is working on one of her three pieces - you can see all three here
During the afternoon the printing enthusiasm continued...
 ...but other project work continued or began too
Some of us wanted to continue with our Indian motif project
Pat has taken a section of an Indian motif and enlarged it. Colour has been sampled and now the next stage will be to experiment with layering different size motifs, or weaving strips of the design together. We shall have to wait and see
 Jude's sketch book on the left - also working on an Indian motif. The fabric on the right is a development from the sketches and has been printed using an eraser for the block and then hand embroidery is being worked.
Clare has used her papers printed in December with Colouricious to make a set of Valentine cards
Clare's indigo and paper embroidery- there is a lovely face on the paper house
This cushion square shows lovely texture and stitch variation - Ice is 'pretty in pink.'
Pat is working on a large panel begun at Amanda Clayton's workshop - all white and off-white - very delicate.

What a productive creative day. Well done ladies and thank you for your wonderful efforts and valued company. Good luck with your Multi Colour Swap fabric which you will bring with you again to the March meeting.