Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy New Year

Today we were brimming with ideas - it must be the New Year! The ideas came and everyone left today, I believe, with enthusiasm and a new gusto - yes Lillian too!!
We kicked off with members sharing their work completed since our December meeting.
Margaret's daughter had an idea of producing a book from a family trip through Welshpool to Newquay; so here is Margaret showing us the end product.
The back of the book is the entire map of their journey.

Detail of a page - all machine embroidery...
...and another page. Beautiful Margaret!
Thanks to the Christmas season, we had remembered our wax candles for Heather. Here is a picture of Heather making her new candles to raise funds for her group to sell at craft fairs for their Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.

 Denise is enjoying her City and Guilds course and wanted our opinions regarding her ammonite embroidery.
The technique is water soluble fabric
Ice is also on the same course at Westhope Craft College. This piece on silk has been hand stitched and each circle is outlined with water soluble crayon giving a lovely soft edge.
This piece is inspired by the tiles at Wightwick Manor 
Jude's hand made printed book begun with Colouricious.
A gift for Mother's Day, the photographs are photocopies, painted with acrylic wax and then hand stitched onto the block printed pages.
 In December Jude managed to complete the bunting for her grandson, depicting Thomas the tank engine in Christmas attire. In January the bunting became reversible with Callum and the number 4 ready for his birthday in March. The number is removable and will hopefully be replaced each year.
Last month we were treated to Ruth's first hand experiences of Jaipur. Today we had the second chapter from Alma who shared her stories of the wonderful people and experiences she had on the same trip
 Fantastic wood blocks - you can also see the journal on the right which she has put together of her memories
 More blocks...
 ...samples of papers...
 ...and this amazing 'quilt' which was just laying on the floor in the store. Front...
...and the back. This truly is the mark of recycling!
This lovely case was made by Sue for Janet. Rich in texture and colour.
Lavender angel is work in progress by Sylvia

 Continuing with our design project ''India'', is Dina's book of ideas. She had the lovely idea of attaching her little starting point (in black and white) to the top of the inside cover. So it can be seen and never lost, from any working page of the book.
 Dina has lots of design developments and is exploring the many possibilities.
Here are a couple of examples of the hand made books begun with Jamie from Colouricious. This is Pat's family book.
 This is Joy's - edged with her Indian braid - a gift today from Alma for everyone
 The plan is to possibly use this book for Indian design work
We have today decided upon our new project for our next exhibition at the Red Cone Museum, in conjunction with the Embroiderers' Guild. More detailed information regarding this will follow soon. If you missed this meeting this space! We are very excited about our new venture - ''Multi-coloured swap shop sampler.'' 
Please see Programme for more details**