Sunday, 17 November 2013

November with Colouricious aka Jamie Malden

It is approaching the end of the year and time for a treat with Jamie Malden from Colouricious - our third meeting with Jamie. We intend to make block printed fabric paper into books.
As we listened to Jamie, Alma stirred the paste ready to use
Jamie demonstrated the starting point of block printing to make the 'diamond' pattern

Begin in the centre...
...leaving a space print the second block and continue making the 'diamond' shaped radiating out
We began our block printing on ready prepared fabric paper, while awaiting to make our own sheet of fabric paper - 3 of our group were new to this technique and for the rest of us it was a good reminder exercise
Di is block printing and in the background are our fabric papers drying on the 'winter hedge'
Jean and Clare adding a second colour and making the prints their own
Overprinting and using additional blocks and another colour or two
Pat and Joy are working on their second of 3 prints - you can see the first 2 sheets, front right
The background has been sponged with fabric ink on the textured fabric paper before block printing in rows
Today we celebrated 2 birthdays... and sang to Elaine...
and then to Joy...''Happy Birthday ladies''

Jamie shared her expertise with us...
Discussing ideas of embellishment for our books with hand embroidery, ribbon and our precious photographs
Ruth is cutting and arranging her family photographs to decorate her hand made book
It was such fun to examine everyone's  photographs and lots of discussion arose on the history of the pictures
Hard at work compiling their books. Sylvia and Di concentrating on the layout of the pages before adding stitch
At the end of the day we had 3 books and one at least had the beginnings of photographs and stitch but obviously they would be taken home to be continued

Once again Jamie bought her 'car boot sale' and we were treated to some lovely new Indian blocks/gelli plates/printing inks. The gelli plates in 3 sizes, proved very popular after a demonstration from Jamie, using wood blocks on fabric. Thank you Jamie for the extra treat.
We are thrilled to have had the pleasure of Jamie's company and expertise again. It has been a lovely day and we have plenty to be working on in order to bring the books to the next meeting in December for completion and photographing.