Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Meeting

Our June meeting was as busy as ever and we badgered away at our individual projects with plenty of conversation and sharing of ideas as usual

Elaine working on her beautiful patchwork quilt

Janet - are they glasses Janet?? Will wonders never cease?

Concentrate Clare...

Keeping warm with the quilt as you work

                   Ruth's gorgeous Jigsaw pieces based on zentangles - one is in hand, and one is in     machine embroidery
Janet's Trees are ethereal and three dimensional. This jigsaw is almost complete; just requires the shape to be cut out and edged. Well done Janet, it is beautiful

 Pat's embroidered section from the Artist Hundertwasser, with hand made beads in air drying clay, really compliments her design work. All four are going to look stunning in our forthcoming exhibition at Bilston Gallery in October 2013. Well done ladies.


Ruth has been very busy working on her amazing journal
Ruth - January 2013 is Paisley

APRIL - blackwork at

India DecemberDublin 22012


Well done Ruth
**We are all working diligently now as our exhibition draws close at Bilston Gallery in October. We will be sharing the space with Wolverhampton Embroiderers' Guild. Our group projects will depict the Jigsaw designs on paper and then on fabric. We are still debating how to hang the fabric Jigsaws but we have lots of ideas. The pieces may interlock or may have background showing through to allow the individuality of each piece - we shall see and make a group decision. I am really proud of all the group efforts and cannot wait to see the finished exhibition. Journals may also be exhibited if space allows**
CLOSING DATE FOR JIGSAW EMBROIDERIES IS THE AUGUST MEETING WHICH IS A GARDEN PARTY - date to be confirmed after discussion at July's meeting