Thursday, 14 February 2013

Developing Design ideas on Valentines day

What better way to start a design day, than to be inspired by another Pat creation
They tasted as good as they looked!
Happy Valentine's day

Great discussion ensued after an introduction to 'designing' for fabric
We examined how individuals worked in their sketch books
Some were subject/theme based. Some were journals and they were all beautiful

Discussion is a very important part of Connect in Threads as we all learn from one another by looking and listening to how we all work because we are all so different and talented in different ways
Exercises were undertaken to draw a section within a viewfinder. Images were taken from Artist's work, photographs, magazines and books or drawings already made in sketch books
The intention was to add texture suitable to later translate into stitch
Inktense, from Derwent's range of water soluble crayons, were demonstrated to give ladies another medium possibility to use, as they are colourfast and can be used on both paper and fabric. Once dry they can be layered for some very strong colour work

Yvonne worked on a lovely design on a watercolour background

Here's a development you could think about Clare:
the same design placed side by side as a 'mirror image'
Lined up properly, would make a lovely flowing design. Clare's design is based on an idea of a contemporary artist and has been coloured with watercolours in a very subtle palette

Clare traced a section of her painting and transferred it to her jigsaw piece
The idea is that everyone will have their jigsaw piece on paper ready for the March meeting
The designs will then be 'tweaked' and worked on fabric and then embroidered.
The fabric jigsaw will be heavily textured
As a group we aim to have a paper design Jigsaw and a Fabric stitched Jigsaw which will hang as a group piece for a future exhibition
Well done ladies - you should be very proud of today's results. I am expecting some wonderful 'homework' results
Here are finished fabrics from the Colouricious ''Fabric paper'' day in December. The gallery will increase as more and more are finished

Sylvia's lovely Paisley pine on a musical background

Janet's very subtle Autumnal palette is very rich
Well done ladies
Some very valid points were made today about the difficulty to stitch through these pieces of fabric paper. The pva had made the fabric paper very stiff resulting in some very sore fingers.