Thursday, 13 December 2012

Colouricious Part 2

Fabric Paper

Today we welcomed back Jamie from Colouricious who has travelled far on this bitterly cold crispy day in December. We are thrilled to be working with Jamie again and continuing our wonderful theme of ''India.''

Jamie showed us lots of samples of hand embroidered fabric papers before demonstrating the way to make the fabric paper and then reminded us the technique of block printing as I am glad to say we had ladies today who had missed the first Colouricious day but were able to attend today.
2 of Jamie's samples
Margaret block printing on the very important matting
Wow Fiona - Like the Hat!
Then it was every man for himself
''Look out'' Elaine looks as if she means business!
We managed to get 18 of us sharing and working together - good job we know one another

Sylvia and Clare choose from Jamie's fabric papers while Margaret holds a brand new Indian block ready to print
Half of us block printed on Jamie's lovely fabric papers, and then sat down to do what we do best. We stitched and chatted and ''put the world to right.''
Jude's piece of a block printed bird surrounded by Indian script on fabric paper
Gradually the group made their own fabric papers
Dot just completing a piece of fabric paper and lifting it from the table to dry

 Janet keeping Dot entertained while completing the edges of  their block prints
We used an assortment of tissue papers of varying weights and shades of colour, manuscripts of Beethoven and some wonderful Indian text. There were also skeleton leaves which could be laid within the papers and condensed PVA. They were lovely whole or torn
THEN IT WAS THE CHRISTMAS BUFFET and Jamie had bought a CAR BOOT SALE...............
Lunch was a Banquet - well done ladies
After lunch the afternoon was spent stitching and sharing ideas for stitches and beading

Hard at it Denise, Margaret and Fiona
Some of us still working hard....

Some of us having a giggle and working...mentioning no names...

Some of us finding time to discuss and then work...
All acceptable and very necessary in a workshop
Jamie had the lovely suggestion of how to use the papers as lids for boxes (very useful with Christmas fast approaching), pictures in their own rights or book covers. Then we discovered a book Jamie had made with family pictures/portraits/pets and decided that would be Colouricious - part 3!

We must thank Jamie for her generosity in giving so much of her time, expertise and materials, providing everything we needed for today from printing ink to embellishment. We are now making plans for Jamie's return to us in 2013 for fabric paper books