Sunday, 15 July 2012

July Meeting

July 12th
Our 'Theme of India' continued today and we bought together our varied and wonderful artefacts of India: textiles, books, wood blocks. Janet shared her beautiful little bags from Afghanistan where a lot of the techniques, including seisha, were apparent and 'Indian' in their style. Encrusted beads of plastic were a fascination. The little bags sparked a lot of interest.

 Pat and Pat with their heads in a book
One of the wonderful things about Connect in Threads, is the way in which everything is shared. Techniques, materials and ideas flow freely. Problems are shared and solved very often. ''Two heads (or more) are better than one.''
Margaret, Sylvia and Judith

Ruth has been on a second Kantha workshop and here is her role of work - so many patterns, techniques and colours. This will be a wonderful help when we have a Kantha workshop at the Embroiderers' Guild in August.

Close-up of the Kantha work
The other wonderful thing about Connect in Threads, is that you can work on your own project and interchange your project work at any time. Margaret's quilt is a real feast for the eyes and nears completion now.

Clare invested in two wonderful Indian hangings, at the recent Regional Day. How lucky we are to share in the beauty and talent of these pieces.

Clare will be taking inspiration from this hanging for her own project work.

Well done ladies on yet another successful meeting. Even the unscheduled fire drill did not distract us from a productive day. We are not meeting in August so have a lovely Summer and see you in September.
 My thanks to Lillian for the fresh strawberries from her wonderful garden, and to Pat for her usual, but no less wonderful culinary skills in cake making - all topped with cream! Thank you everyone :)