Friday, 11 May 2012


May 10th, 2012
Today we were privileged to welcome Jamie Malden from Colouricious

A year's wait was well worth it as we were in for such a treat. Jamie's love of textiles and block printing in particular, is contagious. Jamie designs her own range of wooden printing stamps which are carved in India

Janet Connock is seen printing decorative hands and feet, depicting the peacock at the centre. Look at the quality of the block

We were able to share dozens of examples of fine fabrics depicting hand and machine embroidery, bead work and embellishment in the shape of quilts, hangings, tissue boxes, table linen and handmade books, to name but a few. Here Judith and Pat are enjoying some of the many examples of work
Example of Angelina fibres that have been ironed onto the surface of a wooden block - fabulous effect

Jamie getting ready to begin the process of block printing - on an apron. This was to be our first project for the morning. Individual, unique, hand printed aprons with Indian motifs and everyone was startlingly different

Pat, Alma, Lillian, Margaret and Janet enjoying the process of block printing our aprons

Jamie had little time to sit as she is very ''hands on'', helping Pat Judith and Elaine
Janet and Margaret well on the way with the apron prints
Sue and Heather - a very interesting print on the diagonal proved to be stunning!
Elaine loving the process and making her serendipity cloth. This cloth soaked up all of our left over printing ink during the day - we cleaned our blocks on it and mopped our hands. The result would be a fabulous unique cloth for another project to be continued next month
Pat and Alma demonstrating how to apply fabric paint to the block with a sponge

Here we are in all our glory, photograph courtesy of Jamie
Apologies to Margaret B who had to leave early for the theatre and missed the photo shoot :(

Our work in the afternoon - more wonderful wood blocks to choose from. Jude's cheeky camels surrounded with luscious leaves. We are now on our second piece of work and using overprinting to great effect

Lovely thistle print and building up layers with the blocks
Beautiful layering of subtle colours

Heather is rightly very proud of her fabric - Photo courtesy of Jamie

Photo courtesy of Jamie

Lillian enjoying the process and fulfilling a dream for a piece of work that has been 30 years in the making :)

Margaret deep in thought with her beautiful over-printed cloth

Today has been a wonderful day to share with like minded creative people under the brilliant guidance of Jamie Malden. Thank you to everyone who attended and made it a special day to always remember. Our meeting next month will be to continue with our fabrics adding embellishment and stitch - so please return to see the results