Friday, 15 April 2016

April Meeting

Today we began the preparation for our new project based on the wonderful "fifty shades of grey, wrinkled elephants."

It was decided that any small elephants could stand beneath an adult elephant which can vary in size up to A3. The elephants will link trunk to tail so they will all be facing westwards, and if 2 elephants are standing in a pair on their back legs, the pair will face one-another. Annie had 2 lovely patchwork elephants with her today which inspired us.

Any technique is acceptable for this project and they will be stiffened at the end with card or pelmet vylene. Any background material of our own choosing will be the basis of our printed, stitched and embellished elephants which can also include decoration and even a howdah if we wish.

Our second project is our Ribba BOX frame which will be white and have a square aperture of 11 3/4". 

The work within the frame is of an individual subject matter and must be worked in black, white, grey and one colour of our own choosing. The work may creep over the aperture and into the mount within the frame if desired.

Ultimately we are aiming for a unified exhibition at Bantock Park House and Claire is going to liaise with Bantock, to see if this will be possible in 2017. Exciting times!

Colour Books
We continued our individual colour books which are progressing beautifully. I am so pleased to see such effort with this collection as we explore our mark making, examining pigment, and developing a body of samples in an array of wonderful colour. We experimented with our brush techniques to "loosen" up and tried drawing holding 2 implements together.
Next time we are going to look at texture and repeating patterns. Jude will provide a "Line and Linear" handout. You will need a fine black liner and a small piece of tracing paper for this next step.
In the mean time continue your collection of colour, exploring your own individual ideas simply because they inspire you.

Concept - What is my idea? What shall I explore?
Influences - Who/what is going to be an inspiration for me?
Techniques - How shall I explore my idea?
Development of Designs - What constitutes a body of samples? What considerations do I need to employ?
Contents - Photos, photocopies, prints, magazine or newspaper cuttings. Drawings, sketches, doodles. Text, poetry, stories, thoughts, letters, extracts, statements, words. Colour - paint, crayons, pencils. Fabrics, threads, wools, beads, buckles, buttons - but in moderation. Papers of all kinds.

Thank you ladies for your wonderful company and exemplary efforts today.