Thursday, 12 June 2014


What a wonderful sunny day to be revelling in the camaraderie with friends!
Once again we worked on our own projects, helping one another as we created, learned and enjoyed the pleasures of our artful days
I love all of my ladies but I have to say that this piece is my favourite.
 It belongs to Ruth and is executed totally in herringbone stitch with some areas padded...I love it! While you admire it, can you please see if it is worked on your background fabric of green circles and triangles please
Continuing our A5, multi-coloured swop shop group project, here is Clare's work
There is an array of threads, in a wealth of textures and weights, threaded through the open weave compulsory fabric provided by Ice.
We also need to identify the maker of this background, stitched by Ice which is nearing completion in a very striking colour scheme.

 Loving the silver thread work Ice
Elaine's chain stitch work (below) with hand made paper beads is stunning as always. Elaine has used the back of the compulsory fabric so the pattern and texture is visible but not the colours. Another good idea!
Janet L., has used cross stitch  to wonderful effect and appliqued to give this lovely patchwork effect. I love the "snowflakes" and the tiny cross stitches around the edges of the applique pieces
 Pat W., has added a few beads and some running stitches in the sky area since our last meeting, to complete her piece on this brightly coloured marbled piece
Debbie's garden scene is completely covered in fly stitch. Do you recognise the block printed background of blue leaf sprigs as belonging to you? Loving the hidden fence and garden gate in this magical garden
Luggage labels are to be completed to finish this project for the exhibition - I will announce this over the next week with instructions and a template to work from
This was discussed at length today and we believe we have come to a group decision working in the style of the Artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser
We will each make the fa├žade of a house on pelmet vylene, in the "loose" free style of Hundertwasser. Bearing in mind the strong, bold use of colour and shapes, we will individually stitch, print, felt and embellish in the techniques of our own choice. Strictly NO RULERS are allowed - draw it all freehand as Hundertwasser dictates. Establish fluid lines, even at the base of your house. We may display the row of houses with an undulating fabric in front of them.
You may include a Hundertwasser tree or shrub if it helps your design
Your house may be any width but no smaller in height than the longest side of A5 and no taller than the longest side of A3. Here are some visuals of Hundertwasser houses, to whet your appetite
Ready made fabrics and beads - a textile Artist's dream

"Happy Stitching ladies"