Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Our Design project continues to flourish
Check out the paper and drawing equipment - not a needle or sewing machine in sight (yet)

Lillian's painted jigsaw piece based on Africa - hot and spicey

Janet's development from a section taken from a tree.
Janet rotated her drawing and overlapped the image to create this wonderful three dimensional piece for the jigsaw.
Janet intends to keep the cold colourscheme when converting the design to stitch - a winter forest.

Elaine's development from last time to this very subtle and pastel design. Wrought iron work was the source of the initial inspiration. Beautiful development Elaine
We are beginning to transfer designs from paper to fabric work, keeping the shape of the jigsaw piece. Techniques will depend upon the individual but I suspect there will be a lot of hand embroidery. The use of three dimensional paint/Expandaprint/puff paint was also demonstrated in order to add texture. It can be cut once dried and layers can be achieved by applying thin coats and then heating with a heat gun
Everyone is now getting into the design mood but other project work continues to blossom - here is Alma's work for her journal, fresh back from her holiday cruise. Lots of techniques including patchwork and applique begun on holiday and continuing to be finished back in the UK  

Whatever the project in hand, one thing for certain is this group is developing in the right direction. We are gaining in confidence and skills which is now being strengthened by an underpinning of design flair. Well done everybody!
*April will see more design work for those who wish to continue, and the development on fabric*